I have tested five cars prior to MPG+ being put in them and afterward. Every car tested, got significantly more horsepower, torque and immediately, much better fuel economy. I discovered that even the engine oil temperature was considerably lower in the vehicles, by an average of 20°.

In my 1985 Suzuki Samurai, I got a 19.56% increase in horsepower and the 19.15% increase in torque. In addition, I got a 15% increase in city fuel economy. There were 115,900 miles on the odometer of the Samurai when it was tested.

In my 2006 supercharged Cooper Mini S I performed in extended engine wear and fuel economy test. At the time the car was tested, there were 109,585 miles on the odometer. Mobil 1, 5W-30 synthetic motor oil was used, as has always been the case since we owned it. We tested the oil after it had been driven in the Mini for 1,000 miles and found iron and aluminum metal particles in the oil. MPG+ was added to the crankcase and we discovered that wear was virtually eliminated. In addition, the Mini experienced an increase in fuel mileage of 21.2%, going from 26.4 to 32.07 miles per gallon.  That is remarkable, because my wife noticed the improvement in performance, telling me that the Mini seems to be “Zippier” and she has a lead foot, so she uses the added performance.


Six months ago, I got a chance to try MPG+ in my 2010 Jeep Rubicon. I added a 10 ounce bottle to my crankcase and after driving a short distance, I immediately noticed that my Jeep was running smoother and quieter. In addition, the Jeep had better acceleration. I keep a record of my mileage and keep an eye on my mileage computer as well. I was amazed to watch the mileage increase from the 17 miles per gallon (MPG) I was getting to 21 MPG. That’s an increase of 4 MPG, which means I’m got a staggering 23.5% increase in fuel economy.

I will be adding MPG+ to every oil change from now on, because I know it improves my Jeep’s mileage and performance. I guess that’s why the MPG+ slogan is “Mileage, Performance and Protection … Guaranteed!”


I put MPG+ in my stock 1968 Pontiac GTO. I noticed that I had increased horsepower, I’m coming off the line a lot quicker and I noticed a lot more torque between gears. I have had MPG+ in my car for about a year and noticed that the power has increased even more, and my car is running a lot smoother. The bottom line is the vehicle starts easier, runs quieter, and has a lot more power to it.