2010 Jeep Rubicon

Six months ago, I got a chance to try MPG+ in my 2010 Jeep Rubicon.  I added a 10 ounce bottle to my crankcase and after driving a short distance, I immediately noticed that my Jeep was running smoother and quieter.  In addition, the Jeep had better acceleration.  I keep a record of my mileage and keep an eye on my mileage computer as well.  I was amazed to watch the mileage increase from the 17 miles per gallon (MPG) I was getting to 21 MPG.  That’s an increase of 4 MPG, which means I’m got a staggering 23.5% increase in fuel economy.

I told a friend of mine about what MPG+ did for my Jeep and he was very skeptical and told me he didn’t believe it.  I was able to get a bottle of MPG+ for him and he tried it.  He called me the day after he put it in and told me he thought his Jeep was running quieter and smoother.  I jokingly told him that was just his imagination.  A week or so later, he called me and told me that he took a trip to North Carolina, returning to a place he frequently goes.  He told me that he ALWAYS has to stop for fuel ¾’s of the way.  He told me that he did not need fuel at the ¾’s mark and drove all the way, without refilling.  That means he got at least a 25% increase in fuel economy.  He was blown away.

I will be adding MPG+ to every oil change from now on, because I know it improves my Jeep’s mileage and performance.  I guess that’s why the MPG+ slogan is “Mileage, Performance and Protection … Guaranteed!”